Master Chef or Novice Cook?

Ok, so this quiz on Martha’s site caught my eye. Am I a master chef or a novice cook? Yikes! That sounds like a challenge (or a throwdown as Bobby Flay would say – have I mentioned I don’t like Bobby Flay’s antagonistic attitude?). I like to cook, but mostly I make it up as I go.  I’m not big on reading up on cooking techniques. But who doesn’t love a good quiz?

I scored a four out of eight. So I guess I’m halfway in between the two categories. Either way, Martha recommends I buy her new book, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. Well, I’m going to do that, but not because the quiz told me to! In fact, I would probably have been really annoyed to take this quiz and expect some great explanation of how my skills rank only to be told I should just buy her book.

My mistakes? I didn’t know what brunoise was (do you??). I didn’t know you shouldn’t add iodized salt to consomme (listen, I have never made consomme and do not know when I ever would). I did, however know what a bouquet garne is and what is the smallest member of the allium family (ok, so I guessed – just don’t tell Martha).

Give the quiz a try and let me know how you did!


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