Martha on the Road

In my quest for all things Martha (which is now constantly on my mind), I sought out two Halloween festivities over the weekend that are definitely something Martha would approve of.

Dogs hitting the pavement

Dogs hitting the pavement

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia has dog trick or treating the week before Halloween. What a sight! Dogs of every kind in every imaginable type of costume were on the streets. The dogs didn’t seem to be too excited about the costumes but they were happy to get the treats.

The whole town turns into Martha for this event, with pet owners brainstorming terrific costumes. We saw a bumble bee, a race car, witches, an inmate, clowns, a cowboy and many more.

Sponsor a scarecrow

Sponsor a scarecrow

Also in the spirit of the season, we saw this amazing display in Middleton, Maryland. The town attaches scarecrows to signposts throughout the main section of town. Businesses can sponsor a scarecrow. Each business gets to select the design and the name of the business is pinned to the scarecrow’s chest. Very festive! Martha would definitely approve.


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