What Kind of Dreamer Are You?

Martha’s got a new quiz (dontcha love a good quiz? I adore them!) that will help you determine what kind of dreamer you are and therefore what kind of business you would best be suited to start. My results came back saying I am an altruistic dreamer and should look into starting a nonprofit. Not sure that fits me. I tend to like profit – silly me. The other choices were creative dreamer or motivational dreamer. I think I am more of a creative dreamer, however I have organizational skills and oomph that propel me forward, so I don’t just sit and stare at the stars, thinking what if. What kind of dreamer are you? Do you agree with Martha’s assessment?

What Kind of a Giver Are You?

The Christmas Workshop has this quiz. I thought this one would be fun since I adore gift giving. The quiz told me I am a Big-Time Baker. Well, that’s true, but the other choices were A Handy Crafter (not me) or a Personalized Purchaser. I think the last one fits me best. I do bake some gifts, but mostly I love the hunt of finding just the right gift for someone. I actually enjoy giving gifts better than getting them. There’s too much pressure when someone gives me a gift! If I don’t like it, I have to pretend realistically that I do and I have no patience for people who buy bad gifts.


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