The Martha Wrap

Martha has lots of great wrapping ideas in December Living. I love wrapping gifts. I only buy paper that coordinates with my tree, so that means it’s got to be pink, blue, green white, etc. This is a huge challenge for a holiday where everything is green and red.

I love to wrap creatively and always use lots of ribbons. I think it’s so boring when people wrap a gift and slap a bow on. I even know someone who doesn’t even bother with bows and I can’t imagine that.

I usually insist that my gift tags color coordinate with the wrapping paper. This year I’m cutting corners a bit and trying to use up my backlog of tags that may not exactly match (so please pardon any color faux pas you see).

Here is a gallery of some gifts I’ve wrapped – some with Martha-inspired ideas and others that are all mine.

Using my shredder

Martha's tissue paper idea

Tissue as ribbon

Ball o' ribbon

Wrapping paper as ribbon

Tying my own bows

Ribbon halo over bow

Ring of ribbon

A little wild

Martha's pom pom bow

2 Responses to The Martha Wrap

  1. wow can you come wrap my gifts? Yours look beautiful!

  2. marthaandme says:

    Thank you!! I really do enjoy it. I’ve still got lots to wrap here though:)

    One thing we joke about here is that I can wrap anything. I have wrapped a giant 4 1/2 foot tall dollhouse, a life-size Barbie, a Rescue Heroes battleship (assembled) and much more. WIth enough paper, tape, and patience, anything can be wrapped!

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