Tree Toppers

In the post-Christmas shopping madness, I came across these:

tree-topsThey were clearance priced and then 50% off the clearance price, so I think I walked away with all of this for under $15.  The green trees in the front are glass which is painted on the inside with sparkly stuff.

Next year, I want to put together a tabletop display somewhere with the tree toppers (and maybe I’ll run across some more before then). How would you display these? I don’t think the green glass trees and tree toppers go together, so they probably will be separate. Any ideas?


2 Responses to Tree Toppers

  1. Pru says:


    Have been following your blog for a little while now – its lovely to see how your things don’t always turn out as expected – I thought it was just me who had problems with some of Martha’s recipes!

    Regarding the decorations, we hung lots of baubles from our windows this year using fishing wire and had fairly lights in a garland underneath which made them sparkle.


  2. marthaandme says:

    Hi Pru. It’s nice to know other people are following along. Your decorations sound gorgeous!

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