Sideboard Display

sideboardThis is my sideboard in the dining room. I put some small cranberry ornaments in a pedestal bowl which Mr. MarthaAndMe bought for me for Valentine’s Day. I love displaying ornaments in other ways and feel very Martha-ish when I do. I’m not wild about the teapots, but they are the only Christmas ones I have, so for now they will have to do.

Our dining room is quite small, so this small little chest is tucked in a corner, right next to the sliding glass doors to the deck (you see the drapes behind it a little).

We have a chair rail around the room. The top half is a cornflower blue. The bottom half has been painted again and again and I can’t get the right color. I’ve even taken things in to be color matched and it’s never right. I hate the color – it’s too bubble gum for me. I really want a nice cranberry color, but I can’t find one.  Well, maybe in the new year I will.


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