Pizza with Martha

Pizza is a big favorite in our house, so I was excited to give Martha’s pizza crust a try (Everyday Food, January issue). The magazine touts it as an easy pizza crust.

It was easy to throw together, but what pizza crust isn’t? It’s essentially flour, water, yeast, oil, sugar and salt. Not so complicated. Her recipe uses half wheat and half white flour, which gets the thumbs up from me.

The dough

The dough

I made this dough in my breadmaker – something that really makes it easy to make.

I wasn’t so thrilled when I took the dough out. The recipe says it makes enough for 2 large pizzas. You can get 2 large pizzas from this if you like your crust very, very thin. I’m from Buffalo – between NYC and Chicago and our pizza crusts are also between NY style and Chicago deep dish. Not thin, but not deep dish either.  This was too thin for me.

The Crusts

The Crusts

I made one large pizza and two smalls. Pizza is incredibly complicated in this house. The kids like it with just cheese. One likes a lot of cheese and one likes a little cheese and a lot of sauce, so I made the large pizza with a lot of cheese on one half and not much on the other.

I like my pizza loaded with veggies – spinach, mushroom, broccoli, and tomato. Mr. MarthaAndMe will eat a veggie pizza if forced, but much prefers meat – anchovies, sausage, and pepperoni.

The 3 Bears of Pizzas

The 3 Bears of Pizzas

Therefore, I make several pizzas to keep everyone happy (God help us if we order pizza for takeout – it is very difficult to place the order!)! The crust had a nice taste to it. If I made this again, I would have to probably double the recipe to get the thickness we like. Other than though, I thought it was good.


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