Stupid Me

Hi all. Yes I am alive. I left on vacation and had all these posts ready to go – put in dates for them to go up on, but then never actually published them! So I’ve just now gone in and got them all up. I guess you’ve got a lot of reading to do:) Thanks to those of you who emailed me to find out if the Martha project finally killed me! It’s back to business as usual on Monday — I hope my March issue will be waiting for me when I get home! Happy reading!


One Response to Stupid Me

  1. Tara says:

    Glad to find you back here! I was getting worried about you! Enjoy your vacation! I love how there are all these new posts to read this morning. My kids are out with my husband so I can really enjoy my coffee and read up on all the new posts. Now that’s “a good thing!”

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