Blowing Raspberries

I made Martha’s Raspberry Custard Pie as dessert for our St. Pat’s dinner. Although the final result was good, I think my brain was on vacation as I was

Don't crimp my style!

Don't crimp my style!

making this. First, I made Martha’s crust. I refrigerated it as she directs and then found it nearly impossible to roll out, even after I let it sit out a while to warm up. The dough kept cracking at the edges. Finally got it into a pan and I used Martha’s two finger plus thumb crimping method (which really worked amazingly well!). No problem. I added beans (I need to buy some pie weights!)  to the pie crust and got it in the oven. Well, half-brained me, I forgot to put parchment paper down first before I poured the beans in! So when I went to get the beans out, I ended up with road kill pie crust. It was not usable, so I

Mini-Martha's treat

Mini-Martha's treat

had to start over. However, in Martha’s waste not, want not mentality, I used the messed up crust to make a little cinnamon and sugar pie for Mini-Martha who was not going to like raspberry pie. My second attempt was much better  – and this time I did not refrigerate the crust and it rolled out very, very nicely without a problem.

Once I had a usable crust, I made the custard. This took me two tries. I was measuring out the sugar and completely lost count. I had no idea how many 1/4 cups I had dumped in! So I had to dump it out and start over to make sure it came out right! Once I got over that brain freeze, I mixed the rasp-tart2raspberries with it and got that into the oven. It cooked nicely.  The custard set up well and the pie was pretty. My mom (Big MarthaAndMe) really liked it – I knew she would since raspberries are so sour and we always say Nana likes “pucker pies” – pies that are very tart. I wasn’t a great fan of this dessert. It was a little too tart for me.  It was definitely easy to make (or it would have been had my brain not been on vacation!).rasp-tartfinal


4 Responses to Blowing Raspberries

  1. this looks insanely yummy. my kids go nuts for anything with raspberries this has just been added to the docket. yum!

  2. marthaandme says:

    Easy to make too, assuming your brain doesn’t seize up like mine did!

  3. Lara Rossignol says:

    I want to try this too. It seems lacking on eggs though? I am use to custards using a lot more eggs. I may use less raspberries and more eggs. I also might add some vanilla? Thanks for posting!

  4. saffiertje says:

    looks great! Have translated the recepi and going to make one soon with raspberries from my garden!!!! This year there are so many!!! Last year not, but now… YAMMIE!

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