Another Diet Buster

I’m moving ahead to the April issues now although it still doesn’t feel like spring here with a high today of 35!

Black-and-White Cheesecake Squares are the Last Course in the April Martha Stewart Living (the replacement for Cookie of the Month). Decadent is the word that comes to mind from looking at the recipe and photos.

I started by lining my baking pan with parchment. It annoyed me though. I would rather just spray the pan, but I followed Martha’s instructions even though it seemed a little silly. Mixing up the brownie dough was easy and the dough tasted really good! Then, though, I had to go through Martha’s usual 30 steps of making something and refrigerating it and then baking and cooling, etc. I gritted my teeth and followed the instructions.

cheesecake-browniesYou bake the brownie crust, but reserve a cup of dough. Once the bottom is cooled, you mix up the cheesecake mixture, pour that on, then sprinkle the remaining dough on top and bake.

I baked mine to the time specified, but I really think it could have baked a bit longer. The bottom was wonderful – crunchy and very chocolate. The cheesecake part was a bit gooey for me. Despite that criticism, this is currently the item in the house that is causing me cheesecake-brownie2paroxysms of guilt. It is evil.


6 Responses to Another Diet Buster

  1. BigSister says:

    These look so good. I am definitely trying them out. I really don’t like the idea of using parchment paper for bar cookies. You never get normal corners. I think I’m going to rebel on that idea. I do like to use parchment paper for making regular cookies.

  2. marthaandme says:

    Yes, that’s why it bothered me. I don’t understand the point of this here – you spray your pan and you’re good to go.

  3. Sassy says:

    These look yummy! I saw them too, in my new magazine, and now I just might have to try them. I don’t use parchment either when I make bar cookies.

  4. Donna says:

    These look so decadent. I love them!! Nice to meet you.. just stopped in from foodie blogroll. I love your choices of recipes!

  5. Katie says:

    These look so good! You have inspired me. I’m going to give this recipe a try. Thanks!

  6. marthaandme says:

    Yes, they are yummy

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