Scarf Dyed Eggs

Let me be the first to say I absolutely doubted Martha when she showed how to dye Easter eggs with scarves. I thought it was completely nuts, so I had to try it for myself. I went through my dresser and did not have any scarves I was scarf-egg1willing to sacrifice, so Mr. MarthaandMe was able to give me a tie which I cut into pieces.

You wrap the egg in the fabric, with the print part facing the egg. Martha says to twist tie it – I used rubber bands. Then you cover it with a white muslin and rubber band it shut again.

You boil the eggs in water with vinegar for 20 minutes. I took them out, unwrapped them and was completely stunned at how gorgeous they are! This scarfegg21was very simple to do and results are stupendous! I now wish I had blown the eggs out so I could keep them. I am definitely going to be doing this craft again.

Mr. MarthaandMe said that this is hands down the best craft I have done from Martha and he is right. In fact, this is the first craft that I am willing to call a “good thing”!



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