Tortilla Pie with Chicken

I gave Martha’s Tortilla Pie with Chicken a try (from April Everyday Food). I have thrown together tortilla pies in the past, but never followed any particular recipe. Usually I layered ground turkey (that I seasoned with taco seasoning), cheese, beans, chopped tomato, salsa, and tortillas and served with sour cream, lettuce, and avocado on the side.

Martha’s recipe was easy because you put 4 tortillas on the bottom, put in your filling, add 4 more tortillas and top with leftover ingredients. Very simple to assemble with only a few layers. I used shredded chicken breast (which I poached) instead of dark meat as the recipe says. I also cheated and used a jar of salsa instead of making my own.

chick-tortilla-pieThis was terrific. I loved the shredded chicken in it as opposed to the ground turkey I usually use. I served it with some chopped lettuce and sliced avocado and it made a great meal. I will definitely make this one again. It was great as leftovers also.

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