Fried Rice Sunny Side Up

Since I am overwhelmed with just too much leftover Easter ham, I made Martha’s Ham and Egg Fried Rice for dinner (April Everyday Food).  I love fried rice, especially when I make it at home, so this sounded good.

hameggfriedrice1The recipe was easy to put together. You cook up some garlic, ginger and the white parts of scallions. Then you add soy sauce, rice vinegar, rice, ham and the green parts of scallions. Once it’s cooked, you put it in a bowl and put a sunny side up egg on top of it.

I made mine all in one bowl instead of individual bowls and we just put it on plates. The fried rice was good and I loved the big pieces of scallions, along with the ginger, garlic, soy and vinegar tastes. I must admit I was not wild about the ham in this. Maybe I’m just tired of ham, but it was too strong a flavor. I usually make my fried rice without any meat.

As for the egg? I have a friend whose kids regularly eat rice with a fried egg hameggfriedrice2and soy sauce so it wasn’t a foreign concept and I do usually incorporated some scrambled eggs into my fried rice.  Even with all of that in my head, I still couldn’t get into the egg. Maybe I’m off eggs since the asparagus quiche episode that made me so sick. Everyone else thought it was ok though. I wouldn’t make this again though since it wasn’t anything to write home about (although apparently it is enough to write on a blog about).

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One Response to Fried Rice Sunny Side Up

  1. Recipe man says:

    i love fried rice.
    this is my quick food – when i need it


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