Oven Fried Chicken: My Bad

I really needed a quick, easy dinner to get on the table before heading out to a chorus concert. I thought Oven-Fried Chicken from May Martha Stewart Everyday Food was a good answer. Anything that resembles chicken nuggets is always a safe bet in this house.

Breadcrumb disaster

Breadcrumb disaster

The recipe wasn’t as easy as I expected. First, I needed to marinate the chicken in buttermilk, garlic and salt and better. Then I needed to make my own breadcrumbs and toast them in the oven. Well, the toasting ended up as burning.  In my defense, I had just learned my grandmother was dying and had been sedated and would be leaving us shortly. I had had a week filled with evening school events, plenty of work stress, and no time to even go buy milk. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised I couldn’t even toast some breadcrumbs.

I had to get dinner on the table quickly so I didn’t attempt to make more breadcrumbs and just used some from a can.

oven-chick2When I took the chicken out of the oven, I was not impressed with how it looked. It did not brown at all and really wasn’t too appetizing. However, this tasted fantastic! It was crunchy and the chicken was flavorful. The buttermilk marinade really gave some wonderful flavor. I was really impressed by this dish and will definitely make it again, and maybe this time I won’t burn the breadcrumbs!

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5 Responses to Oven Fried Chicken: My Bad

  1. I love the honest pics!

    Take it easy on yourself, though — I’m sure even Martha would have considered ordering out when her grandmother was ailing.


  2. megcline says:

    I made this recipe tonight and also burned the breadcrumbs! Maybe it wasn’t you… might be that they tell you to keep it in too long. I noticed at 7 minutes they were looking burnt, so I pulled it out and was able to salvage half! I ditto the above comment though, I think you get more than excused for a less than perfect dinner under the circumstances.

    (Here’s my version/pics: http://megeats.wordpress.com/2009/05/07/and-a-little-bit-of-chicken-fried/

  3. marthaandme says:

    Good to know I am not alone! Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Cristina says:

    I read the recipe in the Martha Stewart website. I used canned breadcrumbs and before putting the chicken in the oven I used some PAM on it to give it a golden touch. I was “good looking” with I great taste. The whole family enjoyed it.

  5. marthaandme says:

    I’m glad it worked for you! Yes, using canned breadcrumbs is a definite shortcut that works in real life:)

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