Tomato Hand Pies

I have never heard of a hand pie before, but Tomato Hand Pies (Martha Stewart Living July) sounded quite good.

tom hand pie2First, you roast sliced tomatoes and onions. Next you make pie crust (I cheated and used refrigerated pie crust that I bought – shhh – don’t tell Martha!) and place squares of the crust in muffin tins. The recipe says to put feta cheese and oregano at the bottoms of each. I opened my feta cheese and found it was growing a big furry mold colony, so I had a bit of a crisis. I ended up using some smoked mozzarella that I had.

You spoon the tomato/onion mix into the cups and Martha says to add tom hand pie1olives, but I hate olives so I skipped that step. Fold in the edges of the crust and then brush it with an egg wash.

This takes about 50 minutes to bake (which really seemed like a long time when I read it, but it did work). They were really, really good. I’m addicted to roasted tomatoes. They are so sweet and good. These were like tiny quiche with no egg. I really liked them and will make them again. I think tom hand pie3that with feta it would be very tasty – the mozzarella is so mild I didn’t really taste it. Love this one!

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5 Responses to Tomato Hand Pies

  1. donnahull says:

    Tomato Hand Pies sound delicious. Would they work as appetizers or are they too messy to count as a finger food? I grew up eating tomato sandwiches and I really miss the taste of a good homegrown tomato. Arizona homegrown tomatoes do not taste the same.

  2. marthaandme says:

    They would be great as appetizers, although I would recommend using a mini-muffin tin, so they would be a bit smaller. They aren’t drippy or goopy, so they would work well.

  3. Dakota says:

    These sound delicious! Quiche is usually too “eggy” for me, so this sounds like a great alternative. Thanks for sharing.

  4. marthaandme says:

    Yes – it’s a wonderful change from quiche.

  5. […] produce less juice during the  roasting process, which can get pretty steamy. The girls over at Martha and Me say these are great quiche substitutes, which they are, and they also could be made in smaller […]

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