Rock On

The letter from Martha in August Martha Stewart Living about Maine not only made me nostalgic, but it made me think about how to bring a little Maine into my house.

Rocks on the beach

Rocks on the beach

When we stayed in Maine a few years ago, we were in a house right on the coast, with a very gorgeous, rocky shore (in York Harbor). I loved hearing the waves crashing on the rocks all night. Every time we climbed down to the beach (and this was not an easy walk – it was rocky and steep), I would come back with my hands and pockets full of rocks. “What are you going to do with all of these?” Mr. MarthaAndMe asked. I didn’t really know, but I knew I was not leaving without them. Thank goodness we didn’t fly because it would have cost an arm and a leg to fly them home since they are so heavy.

That trip left me with a collection of gorgeous Maine rocks. A few years later, we stayed on Cape Cod for a week and again I brought home piles of rocks. Mr. MarthaAndMe knew better than to question me that time. These rocks were even harder to procure though since the beach was down a 35 step steep staircase. Hauling all those rocks up was a challenge.

These trips left me with rocks for brains – no, just kidding – they left me with piles of rocks. I read Martha’s article about Maine and it made me crave the rocky beach. I got out my rocks and decided it was time to do something with them.

rock1I decided that this gorgeous big rock would work well as a doorstop. It now sits next to the door out to the garage and it works perfectly. It stands up by itself and it is heavy enough to hold the door. I love the designs on it.

Next I had lots of smaller Maine rocks.  I decided to put these in a basket and put it in the family room. I love the mix of different colors and types of rock. rock3 Blue rocks like these just say Maine to me.

Next, I moved on to the Cape Cod rocks.  I took the larger rocks and put them in another basket in the family room (a basket which happened to come from Maine).


I love the green rocks from Cape Cod. I still had some smaller Cape Cod rocks left, plus some small pieces of driftwood. I bought a rectangular glass vase and put the rocks in it and put it on a shelf in the kitchen with the driftwood next to it.

I’m really happy to have all of my rocks out and on display. I think Martha would approve.rock4

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One Response to Rock On

  1. mamabuffalo says:

    I have to agree, Maine is quite beautiful! It has such a calm, serene feel to it. Kudos for lugging all of those rocks!

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