Seared Salmon and Greens

seared salmonYou can never have too many ideas for salmon. We eat it a lot. In September Everyday Food, Martha suggests preparing it seared with bok choy, rice and a sauce made of soy sauce, fresh ginger, lime and agave. I didn’t have any agave and we ate this with some bread from the bread machine instead of rice. I also did not sear the salmon, but grilled it. This is a nice preparation. You wilt the bok choy and cook it with some garlic. When you plate it, you add the sauce to both. I enjoyed this and it was a quick way to brighten up salmon. It tasted best when we ate it together – salmon and bok choy together on the fork. It would be very good with rice as well.


2 Responses to Seared Salmon and Greens

  1. Kerri says:

    I’m going to have to stop coming by this blog when I’m hungry – this looks wonderful!

  2. Kerry Dexter says:

    sounds like a nice light clean tasting meal — thanks

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