Martha Mondays: 11/2 Nut Wreath

Feeling a little nutty? The Martha Mondays project for 11/2, chosen by Sara at SassySupppers is the nut wreath on page 57 of November Living. Get those hot glue guns fired up! My results will be up on 11/2 – please share yours whenever you make it! If you post when you’ve got it up on your blog, then everyone can visit each other’s to see the varied results.

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2 Responses to Martha Mondays: 11/2 Nut Wreath

  1. barbaramcquaid says:

    Where can I buy the wooden wreath rings?

  2. marthaandme says:

    Sorry, wish I knew! Lots of other people have asked that question too. I found mine at Michaels when I made this project, but people have said they cannot find them there. I would suggest maybe a floral supply store, something that’s generally used by florists and not consumers.

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