Martha Mondays: Maple Granola

Maple granola. Yum. You can thank MaryAnn at Stirrin It Up for this week’s recipe, which is on page 24 of Feb Living.

I like granola a lot, but have not been eating much of it lately since I can’t eat a lot of nuts. This only elevated my craving for this recipe. I have to admit, I was a little leery of it since it has coconut (the recipe says to use coconut chips – no idea what that is, so I just used regular coconut flakes) and raisins in it, neither of which I am a fan of. This granola has lots of yummy stuff in it – rolled oats, pecans, maple syrup, olive oil, sesame seeds, nutmeg, and brown sugar. It takes about 50 minutes to bake this slowly in the oven, but it is really worth it.  I loved it. It is delicious and amazing (once I picked the raisins out).  Everyone in the house gave this a thumbs up. Mr. MarthaAndMe groused a little, saying he expected bigger pieces of granola, but he got over it once he tasted it. I would definitely make this again.

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10 Responses to Martha Mondays: Maple Granola

  1. I liked it too. My results are up:

    This was a nice easy Martha Mondays project which I hope everyone else made too.

  2. Martha Mondays was fun to participate in! This recipe was a great choice – delicious and easy to make.

    Here’s a link to my post

    See you next Monday!

  3. Teresa B. says:

    I enjoyed this, too. I topped my morning yogurt with the granola. Really loved the maple. See the results on my blog:

  4. Frugal Kiwi says:

    Sounds fabulous. I’ve never tried making my own granola, but I’m starting to think I should try this one.

  5. Alexandra says:

    I use coconut in my granola. Each recipe is different. There is a way to make it clump together, which Mr. Martha seems to miss. Mine usually clumps, but not as much as I would like.

  6. megan says:

    I loved the recipe! I’ll be making it again. Probably next week. LOL Here’s my post;

  7. Sassy says:

    I really liked it too. We have a WINNER!

  8. Homemade granola is a favorite of mine. I love the addition of sesame seeds!

  9. Liz says:

    i also made this sinful nola. it was amazing. i omitted the coconut and used 1/4c oil. still very very good. like, new craving kind. beware

  10. marthaandme says:

    Agreed. I could not keep my hands off it!

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