MS Cupcake Club: Tres Leches

This month’s MS Cupcake Club pick is Tres Leches Cupcakes, from the Martha Stewart Cupcake book. I just finished making these. The batter was easy to make (even though I accidentally got egg yolk in the whites and had to start over). After you bake it, you are supposed to brush a mix of cream, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk on them. It made so much though and it took forever to brush it over and over on the cupcakes. I stopped when I had a few tablespoons left and the cupcakes looked pretty saturated.

I tasted one after they sat for 30 min and I didn’t care for it. It tasted very eggy and custardy to me. I then sprinkled my last bite with cinnamon sugar, and that was good, so I did it to the rest and put them in the fridge and am hoping maybe they will taste better cold later tonight or tomorrow. They’re also really wet, so maybe they will sort of set up once they’re cold.

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11 Responses to MS Cupcake Club: Tres Leches

  1. Nina says:

    I agree, the cake itself seemed very soggy to me, but I still tried to enjoy it. It was pretty good!

  2. Tracey says:

    I’m with you – too wet and custardy for me too! Tres leches was on my to-do list for a while though, so I’m glad I finally tried them even if they’re not a favorite.

  3. Julie says:

    I agree it made a lot of liquid. Once I thought they were “full” I stopped and threw the rest out. I liked them so much better the second day.

  4. Kayte says:

    sssshhhh…not a hit here either, but nothing a little whipped cream and strawberries couldn’t cure. Yours look cute all lined up there! I can’t wait to see what next month will be!

  5. Julie says:

    I liked mine better the next day!!! Yours look delicious.

  6. Oh you don’t need to start over. Some people said they are better the next day so maybe you’ll like them more tomorrow!

  7. Janine says:

    I liked these…but I made a whipped cream with vanilla and then dusted with cinnamon…and that made a big difference. It cut down on the egginess. Plus, I didn’t use all the milk mixture, so mine were a great texture.

  8. Sounds like a recipe to skip. Thanks for the heads up–no one likes soggy cupcakes!

  9. h2babe says:

    It was ok for me too–too messy and not enough flavors 😦

  10. Clivia says:

    Did they improve after sitting? Mine were much better the next day.

  11. marthaandme says:

    I still didn’t care for them – soggy, eggy and just not my kind of thing unfortunately.

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