No Bake Brownies

Yeah, I scratched my head too. No-bake brownies? The recipe for this is in Aug Living, part of the “no cooking” food section for those of us tired of melting over our stoves. But brownies? Without baking? This I had to try.

You do have to cook the evaporated milk (1 1 /4 cup) and melt the chocolate (12 oz bittersweet) in it and add 1 tsp vanilla. Once this is done, you mix all the dry ingredients (3 cups finely ground chocolate wafers, 2 cups shredded coconut, 1 cup salted peanuts, and 1/2 cup powdered sugar) together into it and pour into a square baking pan that is lined with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least two hours. You’re supposed to top with additional coconut and peanuts but I didn’t). Mine sat overnight in the fridge. As you can see, it didn’t come out of the pan very well. This was more like wet fudge. Yes, it was chocolately and the peanuts and coconut give it some nice texture, but this is not even close to a brownie. There is nothing cakey, fudgy, or chewy about this. Thumbs down. I would not bother making this again. Teen Martha succinctly summed this up. “It’s gross.” So there you have it.

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16 Responses to No Bake Brownies

  1. Alene says:

    Thank you for the heads up. I was going to try it too!

  2. Donna Hull says:

    It doesn’t look that appealing but how did it taste? Maybe you could layer it between vanilla ice cream? I hate for chocolate goodness to go to waste.

  3. Ooph. I can’t imagine this would work, and you confirmed it. Perhaps as some sort of base to an ice cream dish, but if it isn’t cakey or brownie texture, then it’s just like chocolate mud.

  4. marthaandme says:

    Exactly. Someone at MSLO was trying waaaay too hard to come up with no-cook dishes for that issue.

  5. marthaandme says:

    Ick. Totally the wrong texture. Yes, it was chocolatey but it didn’t taste like food since it was just goop.

  6. Ew. I was so hopeful that these would actually work–I mean, the idea of no-bake brownies. But yea, these don’t look that great. So they didn’t even taste good?

  7. marthaandme says:

    I couldn’t get past the gooiness. Yes, they had a chocolate taste (basically imagine crushed choc wafers mixed with melted chocolate and evaporated milk), but it’s nothing I would want to actually eat.

  8. Oh! I have a recipe for no-bake brownies, but they are raw (like raw-food vegan, with nuts and dates instead of flour/cookies/evap milk). I wonder if these can be made gluten free?

  9. This makes me laugh. Definitely not a recipe I’m trying. Oops, Martha. Maybe she didn’t actually TEST this one?!

  10. marthaandme says:

    I don’t know how you could make this and think it is edible.

  11. Well, I raised my eyebrows at the possibility of such a thing as no bake brownies, but your results don’t surprise me. Sounds icky. Now, I do have a passable recipe for no-bake COOKIES if you ever want to try those. Oh, and one from my childhood for “Reese’s” peanut butter cups. I don’t make those anymore because I have a restraint problem with them…

  12. John says:

    Ha. It does not look very appetizing. I bet it tasted good though.

  13. Plus you still have to cook. I mean…. what? I’d rather bake than cook.

  14. marthaandme says:

    I guess the idea is you don’t have to turn the oven on, which is what really heats up the kitchen. I agree though – it’s not like a true no-bake cookie where there is no heat involved at all!

  15. marthaandme says:

    Ha! I have a couple no bake cookie recipes too and they are great. But I guess no bake brownies are just too much to ask – unless you buy them at the store!

  16. Susan says:

    Yikes! That’s pretty bad when something chocolate-based ends up as such as a disaster. ‘Tis a shame. 😦

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