Martha Mondays: Apricot Chicken

Sorry this post is late going up – WordPress was acting weird and I couldn’t get any photos to load. Tonight I made Apricot Chicken chosen by At Least Twice a Week. This is super simple and perfect for one of those “not chicken AGAIN” dinners. You just mix up the ingredients and baste the chicken pieces with it. I used boneless breasts, but this would be really good on a quartered chicken with skin, as the recipe says to make it! Note that I left one breast plain for Dude Martha.


4 Responses to Martha Mondays: Apricot Chicken

  1. Pru says:

    I love new ideas for chicken and am sorry I missed this task having been on holiday. It looks great. Brette, can you let me know when we are due to pick again, I think mine might be quite soon but I cannot remember!

  2. marthaandme says:

    Hi Pru. I’m glad you were on holiday! Where did you go? Your date is 9/20. I hope to be posting the assignment for next week soon – just waiting to hear back from the chooser. I’m looking forward to fall because it always feels like cooking is the right thing to be doing then when the weather gets cooler.

  3. Ana says:

    I’m loving reading about your traveling adventures, and I love your explanation about the plain chicken breast mixed in with the other two. Don’t worry. One day dude Martha will be eating sushi along side his sister.

  4. marthaandme says:

    Thanks! I hope so, even though she still will only nibble the tops off broccoli and her food cannot touch! I think I didn’t really eat like a grown up until my 20s. It baffles me that the kid will eat calamari but is horrified by fish, tomatoes, squash, etc.

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