MS Cupcake Club: Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

After a couple of months of missing it, I was happy to be able to participate in September’s Martha Stewart Cupcake Club. This month’s recipe is cookies and cream cheesecake cupcakes, from the Martha Stewart Cupcake book. The idea is that these make mini cheesecakes. You put an Oreo at the bottom and make a cheesecake batter with crushed Oreos in it.

I used reduced fat cream cheese without even thinking about it – that’s what I always buy. I think that might have been a mistake since I could not get these to set up. I baked them for 10 minutes longer than Martha said and they were still wiggly. I took them out and hoped that when they chilled they would set up. They were mushy. You couldn’t peel the wrapper off, so we ended up eating them with spoons. Oh well. They still tasted great and if they had set up, they would have been beautiful. So lesson learned here – use regular cream cheese!

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20 Responses to MS Cupcake Club: Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

  1. John says:

    cookies and cream in cupcakes? ingenious!

  2. Jami says:

    Oh that’s too bad that yours didn’t set up. I used reduced fat cream cheese too and mine seemed to work out okay. They still look delicious! 🙂

  3. marthaandme says:

    Maybe that wasn’t it then. Weird. I felt like the oven temp was too low but did not turn it up – maybe I should have done that.

  4. Alene says:

    How about low fat Oreos? That’s a good way to reduce fat w/out reducing the cream cheese fat. Interesting recipe.

    On another note, I watched Mad Hungry and Everyday Cooking again last night on TIVO. She (Mad Hungry) had a great way of making chicken, and I am trying it on Friday night, and sticking veggies to roast in the same hot oven (425). She takes out the back bone and browns the flattened chicken in a cast-iron pan, and then roasts it to finish. Nothing else except John’s salad turned me on. What did you think?

  5. marthaandme says:

    Good answer with the low fat Oreos!

    I watched Lucinda too I’ve made that chicken and you are going to LOVE it! It’s super fast to make and the sauce is amazing. In fact, when I make it, I double it so that there is more because everyone likes to have a little extra to dip into.

    I didn’t watch Everyday Food from yesterday yet (hope to later today), but I did watch Whatever and found myself FFing through everything but the opener. I’m just not getting it. I watched Martha too. Eataly looked interesting, but I’ll be everything there is hugely expensive. How are Joe and Lidia Bastianich related? Mother-son?

  6. Alene says:

    May I have the recipe, Brette? Thanks!! The cookie cupcake thing. And did I just spell your name right??

  7. marthaandme says:

    You did, and I will email it to you later today.

  8. Glad they tasted great! I like the concept and they look yummy, even if a bit on the wiggly side…

  9. Janine says:

    Too bad yours didn’t set up. These were a big hit at my house. But I didn’t use reduced fat anything….

  10. Bri says:

    I used half regular and half reduced-fat cream cheese, as well as lowfat sour cream. Mine were pretty wiggly, too, but you could just manage to peel the wrappers off and then eat them with a fork. Didn’t matter to us, though, since they were so tasty!

  11. marthaandme says:

    I used light sour cream too! I didn’t even think about that!

  12. Renee says:

    So you needed a spoon- if it tastes good that’s the important thing! I’ll have to watch out for reduced fat cream cheese if I ever make them again- I could so see myself doing that.

  13. Lorraine says:

    I was wondering about low fat ingredients in these. I didn’t use any low fat ingredients, but I would like to. Eating them with a spoon is fine by me! They will still look and taste yummy!

  14. marthaandme says:

    Yes, the taste was great.

  15. marthaandme says:

    I didn’t give it a second thought until they were done!

  16. Jennifer says:

    I’m not sure why they were wiggly…weird. I’m glad you were able to bake along with us!

  17. Rebecca says:

    I also thought these were delicious. I didn’t change the recipe, but I thought about using low fat. Maybe this calls for an experiment!

  18. Julie says:

    Isn’t that so frustrating when you make something and it doesn’t set up? Especially when you’re not sure why. Your cupcakes look beautiful.

  19. Laurie says:

    Thats too least they still tasted good!

  20. Nina says:

    Thanks for baking with me this month! It sucks that it didn’t set up, but at least you got to enjoy it!

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