My New Favorite Salmon Dish

We have lots of salmon Dude Martha and Mr. MarthaAndMe caught in Alaska, which is filling my freezer. This was our first try with the coho salmon Mr. MarthaAndMe caught. It was delicious – milder in flavor than the king, which I kind of liked.

I stumbled upon a great recipe for arctic char in Cooking Light and adapted it for the salmon. It it incredibly easy. Cook your salmon on the grill or in the oven, however you like it. About half an hour before dinner, mix one small container of plain yogurt, one peeled and diced small cucumber (gherkin size), 2 cups chopped cilantro, 1 tbsp lime juice, and salt and pepper. That’s it! Serve the yogurt over the salmon. It’s cool and creamy and light and refreshing. The cilantro, cucumber and lime give it a very fresh taste that allows the salmon to shine. Fantastic. A sauce that doesn’t have to be cooked – you can’t beat that! Even Mr. MarthaAndMe, who believes that he does not like yogurt really liked this one.

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6 Responses to My New Favorite Salmon Dish

  1. This looks wonderful and even better when on salmon you all caught in Alaska!

  2. Oh, love how simple this sounds; like I can do it! And I have cucumbers ready in my garden! I would never have thought of making a “raita” style topping for salmon. Thanks!

  3. marthaandme says:

    It was so good I’ll be making this again very soon.

  4. Barb says:

    Just got done telling Mr. BabetteFeasts that dinner tonight is salmon. Now it is salmon with yogurt sauce.

  5. Sheryl says:

    OK, I’m so making this. Salmon is my go-to fish. I love the idea of a no-cook sauce, except I detest cilantro…wonder if parsley would make a good substitute? Or maybe dill?

  6. marthaandme says:

    I would say dill since it has a stronger flavor.

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