I Am Not Martha

I try really hard to decorate beautifully, cook wonderful meals, and buy lovely gifts, but I don’t have a wrapping room (and how I wish I did!). The wrapping supplies live in the closet under the stairs. When I’m ready to tackle the holiday wrapping, it all comes out and takes over part of our bedroom. We set up a folding table and I sit on the edge of the bed and wrap on the table. When I’m actually wrapping, all the junk you see on the table is on the bed so I have the entire table for wrapping. It’s a horrible, ugly mess, but I live with it for a week or so while I work my way through the wrapping. I would love to have a room just for wrapping, but that’s not possible. So every year I live with this disaster, hating it. It’s so very un-Martha, yet I think I’m able to produce gifts that look lovely.

Do you have a very un-Martha area of your house this holiday season?


15 Responses to I Am Not Martha

  1. Lyndsey says:

    That’s good to know…but then if we were Martha we’d have a full staff doing the clean up and everything we couldn’t get to. 😀

  2. emjayandthem says:

    do the same thing! Either it takes over the bed or the kitchen table .. Cheers for the Season!

  3. HA! In 480 square feet, I have a small kitchen table at which I do my wrapping, after pulling the paper and bows from the basement storage. Your kids will not remember where you wrapped the presents, but how beautiful they were! Take it from me, my mother wrapped the most lovely gifts and they still live in my memories.

  4. marthaandme says:

    That’s so nice to hear. I really like to wrap and spend a lot of time on it, trying to make them look pretty.

  5. marthaandme says:

    That is extremely true! We would pay people to wrap for us and we would sit in a chair with a mulled cider and say “no not that paper, use that gilded embossed paper over there.”

  6. Alene says:

    I have a wrapping closet, which I recently organized, for the 10th time. But that’s just for the supplies. I wrap on the clean kitchen island. No Martha wrapping room for me. I always thought that was a little indulgent on her part, unless, of course, I was on her gift list!!! Alene, in very very cold Northern VA which is supposed to be the “mid-Atlantic”. What is this nonsense? We’re not Maine, for heavens sake!!

  7. I have too many disorganized areas to count! I have a wrapping box that lives under my bed. It works okay but is a hassle to put away after I use it. I’d like a better system!

  8. Brette you are not alone! I keep two bags of Christmas paper in the loft with a bin liner full of ribbons and tags and ‘stuff’ then come December I transfer the papers to a waste paper bin and the spare room becomes the wrapping station, although dump area is more like it. I have two presents left to wrap and then I am done, and I can’t wait to put all the paper back in the loft.

  9. marthaandme says:

    It’s nice you have a spare room to do it in! Before I became old and decrepit, I used to wrap on the floor of my office. Now I like to have a table, so the bedroom is where it happens. You’re farther ahead than I am. I have about 7 things wrapped. I’m working on a huge project right now which I am hoping to finish by Friday and then I will have time to get the wrapping done.

  10. marthaandme says:

    The bows are in a big flat box that goes under the bed the rest of the year, but it’s so hard to get in and out that I end up keeping a handful of bows in a drawer for birthdays and so on.

  11. marthaandme says:

    It’s cold here too, but it’s to be expected in Buffalo! A wrapping closet sounds like a great idea. No spare closets to be had in this house – at least until we have an empty nest!

  12. Alene says:

    I do Brette!! Hence, the wrapping closet.

  13. marthaandme says:

    Oh Alene – something for me to look forward to!!! My oldest is 18 and I’ve redecorated that room many a time in my head!

  14. Alene says:


  15. Blogger authenticity! Love it!

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