Martha Mondays: Hearty Onion Soup Gratin

I chose Hearty Onion Soup Gratin from Jan Living to get us back into Martha Mondays. It’s basically a French onion soup with turnips and carrots added in. I am a lover of French onion soup and have been making it a lot recently (I had one batch where I didn’t stir my onions enough and a tiny bit burned and turned the whole soup bad).

This recipe was fairly simple:
1/4 cup olive oil
2 medium onions, thinly sliced
2 tsp fresh thyme
salt and pepper
4 cups beef stock
4 small carrots, halved lengthwise
3 baby turnips, peeled and cut into wedges or chunks
4 small dried bay leaves
4 large slices of bread
8 slices Gruyere

Heat oil over medium heat in skillet. Cook onions until translucent, about 8 min. Reduce to low and add thyme and cook until golden 35-40 min. Season with salt and pepper

Preheat broiler. Bring stock to boil in pot. Add carrots and turnips and simmer until almost tender, about 5 min.

Divide vegetables among 4 bowls, add onions. Add bay leaf to each. Pour in stock. Place a slice of bread on each and 2 slices cheese. Broil until bubbly.

So now that you’ve seen Martha’s instructions I’ll confess what I did. First of all, I forgot the bay leaves entirely. I didn’t have enough fresh thyme so I used dried. I actually ended up roasting my veggies (and I used baby carrots cut into chunks) in the oven. I added the onions and veggies to the stock (I had about 6 cups of it) and let it simmer for a while so the flavors would combine. I like to make my bread separately on a roasting pan and if we’re eating at home alone, I cut my cheese covered bread into chunks before adding it to my soup to make it easier to eat!

With all that being said, I enjoyed this very much. Really, you’d have to really do something horrible to make me reject a bowl of French onion soup! I enjoyed having more veggies in it and have been eating leftovers for lunch.

Here’s the schedule moving forward for the coming weeks. If this doesn’t work for you, let me know. If you’d like to join up, let me know and I’ll add you.

1/17 Steak and Potatoes Kinda Gurl

1/24 Megan’s Cookin’

1/31 Sassy Suppers

2/7 Perfecting Pru

2/14 Tiny Skillet

2/21 Sweet Almond Tree

2/28 MarthaAndMe

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9 Responses to Martha Mondays: Hearty Onion Soup Gratin

  1. I stuck to the recipe except making the bread and using the right cheese. I enjoyed this. We had it for dinner and it was lovely. I will certainly make it again. My results are up:

  2. Lyndsey says:

    Mmmm…I love French onion soup, but I don’t think my daughter would eat this. Your soup looks so good! I haven’t posted mine yet we’ve were on the go all weekend.

  3. marthaandme says:

    Oh I didn’t make the bread either. Any bread certainly works. I had some leftover whole grain pane Italian I used.

  4. Kerry says:

    I like Gruyere, but here anyway it tends to be a bit pricey. On the Food Network recently I saw Melissa D’Arabian making onion soup and she suggested combining Swiss cheese and Parmesan to get simliar nuty and salty tastes for lower cost. Haven’t tried that yet myself but sounded like a possibility — what do you think?

  5. marthaandme says:

    I almost always just use regular sliced Swiss cheese since I usually have it hanging around. Gruyere is pricey, but it has a sharper flavor. I haven’t tried adding Parmesan to Swiss – usually I’m happy with just regular Swiss on its own.

  6. sassy says:

    I just posted mine. I liked it too! I was surprised at how filling it really is.

  7. marthaandme says:

    Pru – I’ve been thinking about how you said on your blog that the beef broth was so expensive. It isn’t here at all. I wonder why it is there?

  8. I think you might have canned broth (Ina Garten mentioned it when I was watching her the other day) but we don’t have that. We have to buy the fresh stuff and this is a relatively new thing to buy over here.

  9. marthaandme says:

    We have canned, but usually I buy it in a carton. It is $2.99 for 4 cups. Do you have bouillon cubes? That might be a way to stretch the expensive stuff? You could use some fresh and then add water and bouillon cubes to make more.

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