Martha Mondays: Chocolate Cups

Have you ever bought an ingredient for a recipe then been simply unable to locate it anywhere in your house? That’s what happened to me with this. I needed mini size cupcake liners or candy wrappers for this recipe. I bought them. I brought them home. They sat on the kitchen table for a few days. Then I put them in the pantry. Then I moved them to a shelf in the pantry so that I would be able to easily find them. Then, when I went to make this, they were just gone. We looked everywhere. So I had to improvise, and I used full size cupcake liners.

This project is from February Living and was chosen by Sassy Suppers. All you do is melt bittersweet chocolate (which I do in the microwave) and then brush into the inside of the cups. Let it dry and do it again. Simple, right?

It actually was pretty simple. The only hard part was getting the paper to peel off. I had to call in Mr. MarthaAndMe for that. He popped them in the freezer for a minute then was able to get it to peel off.

You can add anything you want to the cups – fruit, mousse, ice cream, etc. Martha suggested peanut butter but I didn’t want to eat that much peanut butter. So I did fruit and ice cream. This is super cute and would really be a great way to serve dessert for a dinner party.

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7 Responses to Martha Mondays: Chocolate Cups

  1. I ended up using silicon cases as I was worried about getting the chocolate to peel off the paper. Yours look so good. I could eat the icecream right now. I made mine bigger too. My post is up:

  2. marthaandme says:

    Silicon is a good idea – it’s thicker and easier to peel.

  3. sassy says:

    I did mine yesterday and promise to post today 🙂

  4. marthaandme says:

    Sounds like it was eventful for you, but you found a solution! If you haven’t read Sarah’s page you should – it has the cutest photo of her son!

  5. megan says:

    I cant believe I missed this one. I thought it was some pudding and I didn’t have the recipe and I never did ask for it, Stupid me. They look like a fun project and I’ll have to make them on my own…someday! 🙂

    Your look like they came out perfect and I love the one with the fresh strawberries! My daughter would love the one with ice cream! 🙂

  6. marthaandme says:

    There are so many great things you could fill these with. I’m sorry I wasn’t descriptive enough when I posted the project!

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