Martha Mondays/Sick

Hi everyone. I’m down for the count here and could not get the project done. If you made it, please post results in comments. I’m sorry! I wanted to but have been too sick to cook for two days.

9 Responses to Martha Mondays/Sick

  1. I’m sure we can let you off one week since you have cooked every project there has ever been!

    I hope you feel better soon. My results are up. I liked them but they need a bit of tweaking.

  2. megan says:

    I hope your feeling better real soon. Wish I was near you, I’d bring you some chicken soup.

  3. Ana says:

    Sorry to hear you’re sick. You’re kind of our iron chef in the endurance department. Posting almost every day, and always posting every Monday. I hope you get rest and feel better soon, and I hope that Mr. Martha, Miss Martha, and Jr. Mr. Martha take good care of you. My results will be up in about 15 minutes. I have to upload pictures. Get well soon!

  4. marthaandme says:

    Thank you Megan!

  5. marthaandme says:

    Thanks for posting Pru.

  6. Lyndsey says:

    I just got my post up Hope you start feeling better soon. I am so impressed that you make everything every other time Brette. I have to take some time off now and then, but not you! 🙂

  7. Chaya says:

    Since, I haven’t been here all week and was not aware of your condition, I hope, at this time, this finds you completely recovered. Eek. That was an awkward sentence. Just be well.

  8. marthaandme says:

    Hi Bizzy. I’m still sick (the longest, most miserable cold/sinus infection in history), but have been out of town for about 5 days, so I’m behind on everything. I’ll be posting later today hopefully with some food photos from my trip to share.

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