Martha Mondays: Stuffed Peppers

Today’s project for Mrs. Kostyra’s Stuffed Peppers was chosen by Ana at Sweet Almond Tree.  I’m sorry to say, I’m just not a fan. I love to eat peppers raw, but I just don’t like them cooked. This recipe didn’t change my opinion. The stuffing was not bad – tomatoes, rice, onions, raisins (blech), cut up peppers, and herbs — but it just did not enjoy it. It looked pretty though and I think if you like cooked peppers, you would enjoy this.


6 Responses to Martha Mondays: Stuffed Peppers

  1. Desiree Vick says:

    That’s funny because I don’t like raw peppers. We made some jalapeno peppers once using raw peppers and I wasn’t a fan. I guess I like mine fried. It looks pretty at least!

  2. megan says:

    I’m bummed you didn’t like this because we loved it. I’ll be making the rice on it’s own as a side!

  3. marthaandme says:

    I’m glad you did. I knew going in I probably wasn’t going to just because I’ve never liked stuffed peppers. No one here does actually.

  4. Lyndsey says:

    It sure looks pretty Brette! I was up in Michigan for my niece’s wedding so I didn’t get to this weeks MM project. But it’s a good thing, peppers are one thing that my husband won’t eat (he eats most anything) or cucumbers.

  5. Ana says:

    It’s hard to pick something everyone likes. (I have a friend who likes raw carrots but not cooked carrots). I’m dissapointed you don’t like cooked sweet peppers because you make every recipe all the time and it would have been nicer if I had chosen something you like to eat. The rice stuffing was good though, you could try making it on its own as a side dish like Megan said. You could leave out the raisins and chopped peppers. Brette, stop by my blog and see my results. It is an ode to the stuffed pepper!

  6. marthaandme says:

    Ana do not feel bad! I’m happy to try new things – that’s partly why I started the blog. There are some I don’t like, but I’m still glad to have tried them! Heading to see your results now!

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