Martha Mondays: 8/1

Sassy Suppers has chosen a fun little craft project for us for next week – drink umbrellas. Perfect for the hot weather. Now I just need someone to make me a virgin strawberry daiquiri to go with it! And someone to fan me.

And just a note to apologize for my lack of posting lately. I am writing another cookbook (can’t say what yet since the contract paperwork is in progress, but very delayed) and it is taking up so much time! I have been simply buried in work. The Parchment Paper Cookbook has finally finished the editing process and will be out in November. The Organized Kitchen is in editing right now (I think that one comes out in Dec or Jan) and the new cookbook is due at the end of October. I’ve also got a new edition of my book The Complete Credit Repair Kit coming out in November.

This summer has just been crazy, driving kids around, spending weekends at the lake, and an endless parade of medical and dental appointments. I hope to get back to a regular posting schedule very soon. I *still* have not gotten the July issue of Everyday Food which is really annoying me!!!


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