Martha Mondays: Lighter Chicken Potpie

Pru at Perfecting Pru chose Lighter Chicken Potpie for today’s recipe. Pru has never had chicken potpie before! Well, Pru, what did you think?

I had a little trouble with the recipe. First off, I quickly poached some chicken breasts but did not use the poaching water as directed – I used chicken broth, but that was just my cheat for the recipe. Secondly, as I was making it, it seemed like there was not enough liquid, so I increased the broth (and increased the flour). It was nice and thick when it went in the oven, but it came out looking like soup, so it was pretty disappointing. My family did not like the tarragon in this, something I don’t normally use. The phyllo dough was nice and I thought the flavors were fine otherwise. I don’t make chicken potpie often because I find it to be messy. I always think I would like it better with a bottom crust, but even when I make it that way, it all still runs all over the place. I’m posting a recipe for chicken and biscuits later this week and that is my version of chicken potpie that I like the best.

One Response to Martha Mondays: Lighter Chicken Potpie

  1. We enjoyed this in our house. I didn’t think there was much liquid so added a splash of milk, but it didn’t end up watery. I didn’t use the poaching liquid either and used chicken stock which I am sure gave it more flavour.

    I have to say, that I cut the phyllo pastry separately and then plated it up. It still isn’t the prettiest thing. Although I like the idea of doing individual pot pies.

    I can’t wait to see your chicken and biscuit recipe. (You won’t be surprised to hear that I haven’t tried this before either!)

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