Martha Mondays: Chocolate Mint Crackles

This week was my pick and I chose Chocolate Mint Crackles from December Living (I am in love with the cover of this issue by the way). I was excited about these cookies. Every year I make cut out, gingerbread cookies, chocolate chip and then one or two other types, one of them usually something new. I was hoping this one would become a favorite.

The cookies were easy to make. I hated them though. The recipe calls for “mint extract.” I had mint extract and peppermint extract in my cupboard. I went with the mint. Yucky. I thought they tasted like spearmint chewing gum. If I make them again, I will use the peppermint extract, which I think will taste right. I just could not get past the mint taste. The cookies were pretty. The only one in the house who likes them is Dude Martha, so they’re all his. Did you try these? What did you think?

This is our last Martha Mondays until January 9, however, I do have some posts coming up between now and then, so be sure to pop back in. I’m looking forward to trying some great new projects with all of you in the New Year. I’m so happy to have all of you to cook with – thank you for joining me as we try new things! Happy Holidays to my Martha Mondays players, and to all my readers.


4 Responses to Martha Mondays: Chocolate Mint Crackles

  1. I went to make these last night but couldn’t because if the three hour refrigerating time. What a shame they weren’t good. I hope the rest of your baking is more successful.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I had hoped to send you a Christmas card but never received a reply to my email – hopefully next year.

    Thank you for a wonderful year of Martha Monday’s. I have tried so many new things this year.


  2. marthaandme says:

    Hi Pru – I never got an email from you – not sure what you’re referring to? Were you asking for my address? It seems that sometimes I don’t get emails you send. I’m sorry about that. Use the brette at brettesember dot com address from now. I think sometimes the email address on this site is fluky.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family (and Violet!) too!!!

  3. I was going to make these today, but after reading that maybe I’ll stick to the ones that I know! I don’t have any mint extract or peppermint extract though. Thanks for hosting and what a trooper you are all throughout the year! Happy Holidays Brette!

  4. marthaandme says:

    Thanks Lyndsey. Happy Holidays to you too!

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