Playing with My Toys

Santa brought me a gnocchi board, a scone pan, and a food mill, all kitchen items I asked for and hope to try out in the coming weeks. I also got lots of ornaments for my kitchen tree.  No cookbooks this year, but I didn’t ask for any.

I asked for an apron, because so many of my clothes have gotten ruined with all the cooking I did in the past year, but I asked for one that was just for the top only. Apparently such a thing does not exist and I got what is called a cobbler’s apron – which looks to me like the top to medical scrubs and was pretty hideous. That went back and I am thinking I am going to have to buy a traditional apron, or remember to change into junk clothes before cooking each day.

I got a few nice pieces of cranberry and caprice glass for my collection and a gorgeous vase I saw when we were in NM and which I should have bought, but did not (my mom calls this the museum in her mind – all the things she should have bought, but didn’t).

I got a tree topper to add to my collection. I also got a giant fortune cookie which will be super fun once I break into it!

We have family parties tonight and tomorrow, then New Year’s Eve is our traditional fondue party. Then it will be time to work on taking all the decorations down and trying to resume normal life and get back to work!

What toys did Santa bring you?


5 Responses to Playing with My Toys

  1. Stephanie says:

    What about a chef’s coat instead of an apron?

    I didn’t receive a lot of cooking-related items, except for a new digital scale to replace an old one that died. I love using my scale for baking! I did receive a sewing machine, so I can bring out a new side of my inner Martha…

    Happy New Year!

  2. I have a Martha apron which is great and also a Beekman apron which is light and adjustable. Santa was kind and I received Martha’s new book which is wonderful, but nothing for the kitchen – I always like to purchas my own things, although both mum and I received Jamie Oliver vouchers so will be doing a cookery course soon.

    Happy new year Brette, I’m looking forward to Martha Monday’s starting up again.

  3. No food related gifts, alas, but I scored a gorgeous pair of earrings and a pair of garden gloves. I’m dying for a food mill. I hope you’ll share your experiences.

  4. marthaandme says:

    These sound fun Pru. I need to find a decent apron I guess. Will the cooking class be with Jamie Oliver himself?

  5. marthaandme says:

    I would get too hot in a chef’s coat I think especially in the summer. I use my scale for baking too. I have an old portable sewing machine I made a few things on, but it doesn’t work well.

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