Martha Mondays: Lime Bars

Thank you Martha for a recipe that was so easy to throw together! This recipe for Lime Bars has only 4 steps, which is unheard of in Martha’s world. I feel as though mine did not make enough filling. I pushed the crust an inch up the side but my filling didn’t even come close to reaching that. I ended up going around the edges, smushing it down so it didn’t look so stupid. And only 15 minutes to bake? What’s up with that?

We liked these. They are almost key lime pie really. Quick and easy and tasty – thumbs up.


5 Responses to Martha Mondays: Lime Bars

  1. I ended up making more filling for mine, but did use a larger pan. I loved that it didn’t take too long to make, and was good, even though very calorific!

    My results are up:


  2. marthaandme says:

    Yes, not easy on the waistline, that’s for sure. I cut it into very small pieces.

  3. I like that it made a small batch perfect for us. I just put up my post. I thought it was great that it baked for 15 minutes…a lot of key lime pies you don’t bake at all. (not the one I make though I have to bake it)
    I did find some low fat sweet condensed milk so I used that to make it a little nicer on the waistline.

  4. marthaandme says:

    Good idea to look for the low fat condensed milk. I can’t get over how simple and fast this was!

  5. I’m glad you liked mu pick! I love lime treats especially when they are fast and simple!. 😉

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