Fab New Egg Cups

New Shapeways cups

I have a lot of Easter eggs – handblown, glass, porcelain, wood, you name it. I have an egg tree, egg baskets and an egg plate, but my favorite way to display them is in egg cups. Today I’m sharing my egg collection with you (and the eggs in the baskets will go with my kids when they leave – those are theirs), but I also wanted to share my new fave egg cups, that I bought from Shapeways. I saw one in Real Simple and got sucked into the web site and ended up buying 3. They’re made of some kind of resin, but it seems as though anything you order there is made to order, so you choose the design, the color and the finish. They may be made of resin, but they look like fine porcelain, and really feel like it too. I got plain white with a matte finish, but both designs came in colors. I spent $33 including shipping for these 3 cups. No one is paying me to talk about them and I paid for them myself, I just wanted to share because I am really in love with them!

On my Easter tree, I have eggs, but I also have baskets and rabbits and one little sheep.

Many of the eggs are ones I made last year following Martha’s instructions. We blew them out and colored them. I also bought some wooden eggs and painted and decorated them as well.

What is your favorite way to display Easter eggs?

Left egg is handpainted china which I found cheap at an antique store

One Response to Fab New Egg Cups

  1. tinyskillet says:

    Wow! You have a large collection of eggs. Those egg cups are adorable, nice displays here. I just have a few, some are soap stone, quartz, but my favorite are the blown clean eggs that my grandmother made.

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