Have You Tried…Resuscitating Your Salad?

I never seem to be able to buy just the right amount of veggies for the week. Either I run out, or I have too many and they wilt or rot. I get really frustrated when I have too much, but I’ve hit upon a method lately that lets me extend the life of my salad greens. They tend to get wilty and sad and who wants to eat that? Now you don’t have to throw those out. I put them in a colander in a sink with cold water (sometimes I add ice cubes to really get them nice and crunchy) and let it soak a while (15 min or so). When I drain them, they are revived and crisp. It has saved me time and time again when I discovered wilted lettuce in the back of the fridge.

One Response to Have You Tried…Resuscitating Your Salad?

  1. I never knew I could do this with lettuce, I just end up chucking it on the compost, but I’ll try this next time. Thanks Brette. And I loved your Easter eggs, you have do many, and the egg cups are beautiful. I hope you all I had a great Easter.

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