Martha Mondays: Crepes

Today’s project was crepes, chosen by Tiny Skillet. I first made crepes when I was about 8. My mom had an electric crepe maker. It was an inverted pan that you would dip into a special bowl that came with it then flip it over and let it cook, sitting on the counter. The batter would stick to the concave pan and you would use a special spatula to loosen it and then flip it. I remember loving dipping that pan into the batter.

When we went to Montreal when our kids were young, we ended up eating at a crepe restaurant twice in the same weekend because there was something there every picky eater could enjoy. My last experience with crepes was last summer in Colorado Springs. We ate lunch at a creperie that made all organic buckwheat crepes. The place had won all sorts of local “best of” awards, but we did not enjoy it at all. Their crepes were just too heavy.

So, I was happy to try making my own, something I don’t think I have done since I was a kid. I have the perfect pan for this – a Green pan that didn’t even need any butter (although I used a little) and even my first crepe turned out perfectly, which is never the case. I made the buckwheat version in the recipe and made up a chicken, carrot, spinach and cheese filling (it wasn’t perfect, so I’m not including my recipe for that). The crepes themselves were nice though and I had fun making them!


6 Responses to Martha Mondays: Crepes

  1. sstallryan says:

    I think your crepes look great and, even if you didn’t like your filling, it looks tasty and colorful 🙂 I went with a sweet crepe and loved it!

  2. Still haven’t made them – I am going to do it though and make the apples crepes. I have always had pancakes like this since childhood and the fatter thicker American ones have been a revelation over the last few years. But we susually stick to these crepe pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and special occasions.

    I have never tried savoury crepes though, I love the idea of giving that a try.

  3. marthaandme says:

    It’s the opposite here really. Most people eat thick pancakes. I had a friend who was Dutch and her mom made the thin ones and I thought they were so weird!

  4. marthaandme says:

    Nice choice! And much tastier than fishing gear!

  5. tinyskillet says:

    Your crepes look great! I like that you use buckwheat in them, does it make a big difference in flavor? I finally posted mine, I just couldn’t get it going on my computer. I have always liked savory crepes over sweet, but i like blintzes!!

  6. marthaandme says:

    I think buckwheat gives it a nuttier, richer flavor. I love buckwheat.

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