Martha Mondays: 5/14

Hi everyone. I apologize for not getting last week’s recipe done. I haven’t been feeling well, with little appetite for food, so I just couldn’t manage it. I hope to get to the next project though, chosen by Megan’s Cooking, strawberry pie. I hope you will forgive me for falling behind. We’re on day 3 of some renovations here as well, which has just made it impossible to do anything.

4 Responses to Martha Mondays: 5/14

  1. Stop beating yourself up! You have done every Martha Mondays challenge that we have ever suggested (we have all missed one of our own challenges) and many more besides!

    I know the other Martha Mondays girls will back me on this!

    Keep getting better and get lots of rest.


  2. marthaandme says:

    Thanks Pru. I feel like I’m letting everyone down! I hate not keeping up with what I promised to do.

  3. tinyskillet says:

    I think you are amazing doing as much as you do Brette! It’s never too late though. I just posted Martha’s Leek, Bacon, and Peas Risotto that was from 6 weeks ago! 🙂

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