Martha’s Picks: Cellufirm

November 11, 2009

cellufirmI ordered Martha’s November Pick, Mario Badescu Cellufirm and have been using it for a few weeks.  I paid $25 plus shipping for one ounce. Eek. This cream is supposed to tighten and plump your skin and improve elasticity. You’re supposed to use is after toner and before moisturizer. Three steps, way too many for me.

This cream is green, which is rather scary, but the color goes away once you rub it in. It smells nice and has a nice feel to it. My skin does feel tighter after I use it, but I have not really noticed much change in my skin’s appearance.  Maybe I’m just ignorant about skin care, but I don’t quite get it.  I’ll stick with my daily moisturizer and skip this I think.

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Martha’s Pick: Eyeliner

October 6, 2009

eyeliner_1In the October issue of Martha Stewart Living, Martha’s Pick is T Leclerc Liquid Eyeliner. Martha says to order this from Barney’s, but they did not have it in stock. I ended up ordering from Eva Scrivo. Cost? $26 but with shipping and tax I shelled out $36.00.I got the brown.

I had Teen Martha test drive this first since she uses liquid eyeliner regularly. She liked it, but didn’t think there was anything remarkable about it. I gave it a try next and it was my first attempt with liquid eyeliner. It’s harder to apply then pencil eyeliner so I made a bit of a mess. Once I got it on, it was fine looking. Any mistakes I made wiped off easily with a wet tissue. It did feel a little weird 0 like there was paint drying around my eyes, but I suspect that is something you get with any liquid eyeliner. This is a nice product, but isn’t any better than our regular (much lower priced!) drugstore finds.

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Martha’s Find: Raye’s Mustard

September 22, 2009

rayes mustardLast week, on one of the new season’s episodes of her tv show, Martha introduced viewers to her latest ‘find’ – Raye’s Mustard, which she discovered in Maine. She showed several varieties and raved about the mustard. So of course I had to try it. I ordered a 4 oz jar of the Down East Schooner Mustard. The jar was $2.75 (reasonable) however the shipping was $9.95!

Despite the outrageous price tag, I kept an open mind about the mustard. And I’m glad I did. Because it was good. In this house we have several mustards in the fridge – store brand yellow, Gray Poupon country style Dijon, store brand honey mustard and Nance’s sweet hot mustard. In general, I am not a big mustard fan, but Mr. MarthaAndMe is. We sampled this mustard and while it is a basic yellow mustard, it was much, much better than store brand yellow mustard. It had a purer mustard flavor and had no aftertaste. We really liked it. I’ll give this find a thumbs up (but I probably won’t be footing the $10 shipping cost again).

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Martha’s Pick: Fekkai Shampoo

September 5, 2009

fekkaiI finally was able to try Martha’s Pick from May Martha Stewart Living – Frederic Fekkai’s Ageless Rejuvenating Shampoo.  I was excited to try this since it is a name I’ve heard and I think Fekkai does (or maybe did?) Martha’s hair. It sounded like a real “product of the stars”! This was on back order so I waited a while to get it. I paid $35 for 7 ounces, plus shipping. Eek.

The shampoo smells nice and has a nice consistency and feel. It lathers really, really well.  I used this for a week. And I wasn’t impressed. My hair was limp. Now, I have very curly hair and I do not straighten it. I like my hair with body and curl. This shampoo made it look sad and stringy. Definitely not for me. I can’t say how someone with straight or wavy hair would like it. All I can tell you is it’s not something I’m interested in shelling out for. So far Martha’s picks are not impressing me! I’ve tried four. I only really liked one, but it was overpriced.

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Martha’s Pick: AmorePacific Cleansing Foam

August 29, 2009

amorepacificIn the September issue of Martha Stewart Living, Martha’s Pick (her personal recommendation) is AmorePacific Treatment Cleansing Foam. Martha enjoys its texture, according to the magazine. It’s meant to be a general cleanser which removes makeup and impurities (which I assume means dirt!). It’s supposed to reduce the appearance and severity of blemishes. Martha provides a link directly to the company, however they don’t have an online store, so I ended up ordering this from Sephora. It cost $54.38 including shipping, for 4.1 ounces.

This is a nice product. It does have a nice texture and it smells pleasant. It lathered nicely and my face felt clean, and not dry after using it. I used it for a week and didn’t notice any reduction in blemishes, although if that means acne, I don’t really have any to begin with.

I liked this, but I wouldn’t spend this much on a facial cleanser. I use an Oil of Olay cleanser that seems practically the same to me as this and costs under $10. I didn’t notice enough of a difference to pony up $40. If I was as rich as Martha, then yes, I guess I would.

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Martha’s Pick: Dr. Hauschka

August 22, 2009

dr hauschkaIn my continuing effort to transform my life via Martha, I’m trying all of her “Martha’s Picks” that appear each month in Martha Stewart Living. In June, she recommended Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating Serum. Martha says, “I like it because it hydrates my skin and leaves it firm and smooth.” She applies it before putting on makeup in the morning and before bed.

Martha recommended this once before, back in January when she had a recommendation a day on her show. So, off I went to Dr. Hauschka’s site to investigate this product. The description says it is for “mature skin” and that it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I am not sure what “mature skin” means. I’m 40, but Martha is in her late 60s. Am I mature enough? I don’t know.

I ordered a one ounce bottle and it cost me $99.98 with shipping. OUCH! I think this might have given me a few wrinkles, not to mention heartburn. I tried it for a week. The product is a clear liquid, not very thick at all. It has no real smell and you use only a drop for your whole face. I didn’t notice any change in the fine lines on my face. I have some, but not a lot. Maybe if I were older and had more, it would do something. I did notice that my face felt tighter throughout the day and maybe, just maybe, my skin looked smoother.  That’s a very small improvement for this price tag.  Perhaps if my skin were more “mature” I would see a bigger difference.  For me, this product isn’t worth the hefty price.

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