Charred Romaine

June 23, 2011

This recipe title sounds like I am describing a disaster, but actually this is a real recipe. This is one of the recipe cards in July Living (not online yet). I tinkered with the recipe a tiny bit. The basic idea is you make a salad by grilling romaine lettuce, so I followed that part of the recipe. It says to brush the leaves with oil then grill 4 minutes a side until slightly charred.

I had a grilled romaine salad at a restaurant last year and LOVED it, so I was anxious to try this. We followed the instructions exactly. One piece turned out pretty well. The others just wilted and turned brown. I made a quick vinaigrette and shaved some Parmesan cheese to put on this. I think you need really thick robust leaves and I also think you might be better to grill the hell out of it for a minute on each side so it chars but doesn’t wilt. I’m not sure. I need to try this a few more times. It has potential. I really like the flavor but I do not like mushy wilted lettuce. Have you ever tried this?


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