Martha Momdays: Sauteed Sole

February 14, 2011

I called this post Martha Momdays instead of Martha Mondays because the recipe chosen for today by Lyndsey at Tiny Skillet, sauteed sole, is exactly how my mom used to make it, or almost. The only difference is that this recipe uses a lot more butter and oil. I doubled this recipe so I could feed four with it. I put the butter and oil in the pan and melted it and it was just too much to my eye. So I scooped out about 2 tbsp. Much better. When we were in Seattle over the summer I had sole at a restaurant there and it was supposed to be sauteed, but it arrived fried to a crisp and I didn’t want to relive that experience!

The sole cooks really quickly  (after being dusted with flour) and then you mix up the quick sauce of pan juice, lemon juice, zest, sliced almonds and parsley. Quick and perfect.

I haven’t had sole in a long time, so this was a treat. I am still trying to work my way through the salmon Mr. MarthaAndMe and DudeMartha caught in Alaska and haven’t been buying much seafood, other then shrimp. I was eyeing up the grouper in the fish store, so I may have to go back and buy some of that for another night.

This is a perfect recipe for a week night when you don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, but want something delicious and full of flavor.Mr. MarthaAndMe is an especially big fan of this one.

Interested in joining Martha Mondays? Just leave a comment letting me know and I’ll add you to roster. You’ll get a turn to choose a project every couple of months and can cook or craft along with us, posting your results.

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My New Favorite Salmon Dish

October 5, 2010

We have lots of salmon Dude Martha and Mr. MarthaAndMe caught in Alaska, which is filling my freezer. This was our first try with the coho salmon Mr. MarthaAndMe caught. It was delicious – milder in flavor than the king, which I kind of liked.

I stumbled upon a great recipe for arctic char in Cooking Light and adapted it for the salmon. It it incredibly easy. Cook your salmon on the grill or in the oven, however you like it. About half an hour before dinner, mix one small container of plain yogurt, one peeled and diced small cucumber (gherkin size), 2 cups chopped cilantro, 1 tbsp lime juice, and salt and pepper. That’s it! Serve the yogurt over the salmon. It’s cool and creamy and light and refreshing. The cilantro, cucumber and lime give it a very fresh taste that allows the salmon to shine. Fantastic. A sauce that doesn’t have to be cooked – you can’t beat that! Even Mr. MarthaAndMe, who believes that he does not like yogurt really liked this one.

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Stuffed Trout

September 14, 2010

We eat a lot of fish, but I often find our choices pretty limited. Trout is almost always available and I enjoy the texture and flavor. Mostly I just grill fish or pan sear it. I get tired of that sometimes. One variation I’ve created is Stuffed Trout.

I mix up stuffing using some hunks of old bread (about 5 slices of bread), ripped up into small pieces. I cook 1/4 of an onion and add it to the bread. Then I dump in some herbs. I usually add dill, salt, pepper and sometimes I will use thyme or oregano. Fresh parsley is a must. I get the stuffing wet with chicken broth – wet enough that you can squish it up. It needs to be nice and moist.

I use 2 trout – essentially the whole fish, but with head, tail and all the nasty stuff gone. I place the stuffing between the two sides of the trout and fold the top piece over. I bake it at 350 for about 35 minutes.

I serve with a basic hollandaise sauce, but sometimes I add dill to the sauce or some reduced orange juice. This is a very satisfying dish – you feel like you’re having turkey and stuffing, but it’s a light fish dish (assuming you don’t use too much hollandaise!).

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