Garlic Scapes and Yellow Squash

June 30, 2010

One of my initiatives this spring/summer is try new seasonal food. The latest thing to tempt me was garlic scapes. I read about them and everything I read said they are very similar to scallions. So I decided to give them a try in a simple way. I had some yellow squash I needed to use. I like yellow squash, but I just don’t like how it gets mushy inside. So I decided to cut it into spears. This was genius – somehow there is less mushy inside, or so it seems, when it is cooked this way. I sauteed the squash and the scapes, which I had chopped up.

I couldn’t taste the scapes. It didn’t add anything to the dish, so that wasn’t a success, but the squash was great this way. Do you have any tips for me on using scapes? I have some left and need some suggestions!

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