Just for the Halibut

I know, corny header. Couldn’t help myself since I needed something to perk me up after making Steamed Halibut from April Martha Stewart Living (also featured on the tv show).

steamed-halibut1I wasn’t excited by the idea of this recipe, but honestly Martha totally raved about it when she had it on the show and it looked easy, so I gave it a shot. I couldn’t find halibut steaks, so I used filets. Martha says to steam the fish on a bed of herbs. I had some flat leaf parsley so I used that.

It steamed very quickly – 5 or 6 minutes. Very simple. It looked pretty when I served it on the bed of herbs with some lemon. How did it taste? Eh. That’s about the best I can do. It was ok. Nothing to write home about (yet apparently enough to write on a steamed-halibut2blog about!). The fish was flaky and moist. It did have a hint of the parsley flavor. But it was bland and boring. The lemon helped a bit but not a lot.  I would not serve halibut this way again.

And please let me point out that I used a metal steamer and all the herbs sort of cooked onto it and it was a pain in the watusi to clean it.  That’s my complaint of the day.


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