MSC Cupcake Club: Smores

The MS Cupcake Club recipe for this month is Smore Cupcakes from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book. I’m not a big smores fan, but I knew other folks in my house would enjoy this. The recipe called for graham flour, which I could not find anywhere. So, I simply used pulverized graham crackers instead.

The cupcakes baked nicely and then I made the chocolate ganache to go on top. That was dangerous – all that warm, delicious chocolate in a bowl on my counter!

The marshmallow topping is one of Martha’s famous frosting recipes and as usual, it didn’t quite turn out as it was supposed to. I thought I got it to soft peaks, but when I went to put it on the cupcakes, it just kind of sank. I stuck the cupcakes in the oven under the broiler to the brown the tops and that worked perfectly.

They did taste like smores. Teen Martha’s boyfriend loved these. There was actual moaning, folks.

Martha Mondays will be up tomorrow!

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11 Responses to MSC Cupcake Club: Smores

  1. I didn’t have too much success either. Your cupcakes look great! Can’t wait til next month, I think disasters will ensue!

  2. karen says:

    Great looking cupcakes!

  3. Candice says:

    I do like the look of your toastiness on the top. alllllmosstt like pan fried sea-scallops! hehehehe! i know, gross to think of the two together. but still, yours looks great. Moaning all around! heheheh

  4. mikejdunlap says:

    Toasted marshmallows – how perfect. These look great! Funny, I used graham crackers too and mine fell like bricks – didn’t even use them! Oh well… next month!

  5. Julie says:

    I love that you topped them with marshmallows. They look so cute.

  6. Kayte says:

    Moaning…wow, that is some compliment when people swoon over your food! They look delicious and fun, just what s’mores are meant to be, right? Great job on this one!

  7. sarah says:

    they look great! my frosting did NOT turn out. oh well…can’t wait till next week!

  8. Tracey says:

    I love the way your cupcakes look with the perfectly browned topping! I used graham flour in my cupcakes and they turned out really dense – definitely disappointing. Oh well, hopefully next month will go better.

  9. Sugar B says:

    My frosting also sank too! You are not alone.

    But I did like everything else about this cupcake. The cinnamon and honey were nice touches.

    Thanks for baking along! 🙂

  10. Nina says:

    Wow. these look amazing! I think everyone enjoys it when people are moaning over their delicious creations.

  11. Yudith says:

    I love how yours look like a true s’more!! 😉 I also had a hard time getting the peaks that Martha did on her book, it looked like small mountains.

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