Martha Mondays: Danish

I chose this week’s project, Poppy Seed Danishes with Cherry Cream Cheese Filling. This recipe is from May Martha Stewart Living. I used strawberry jam instead of cherry. I had some trouble with the folding. I probably should have stuck my dough in the fridge, but scraping it off the counter and doing that was just too much work. I thought these were really good, but they were a bit big and doughy, so if I made it again, I would roll it out thinner to make more. That’s my only criticism, otherwise they were a hit here. I thought they were pretty and had a very nice flavor. I liked the cream cheese with the poppy seeds and the strawberry jam was just great. I had to bake mine longer than the recipe said, but I almost always have to do that! My oven must not be calibrated correctly.  I’ve never made a danish before, so this was a new one for me! How did this turn out for everyone else?


5 Responses to Martha Mondays: Danish

  1. megan says:

    These look delicious. I’m sorry I missed it.

  2. Lyndsey says:

    Yum, they look great. we had out of state visitors and I couldn’t get the time to make these. I will have to see if I can later this week. I have some wonderful cherry jam I got from my family in Michigan…perfect for this!!

  3. I’m so pleased they were good Brette. I haven’t made mine yet but am aiming to do so this week. They look so tasty but I will take on board the comments about making them a bit smaller and chilling the dough.

  4. marthaandme says:

    The recipe says after you roll it out to chill if needed. It was sticky though and getting it off the counter into the fridge would’ve been hard. I’m afraid if you chill it first it might be hard to roll out, but I would try it and if it isn’t elastic enough you could just let it warm up. If I made this again, I would probably increase the cheese mixture by half to have enough and try to make 4 more danish from the dough.

  5. Morangão says:

    humm i love strawberry!

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