MarthaAndMe Is Moving

This week was my 1000th post on MarthaAndMe. Which is fitting because I’m making some changes. All of my content (and all of your comments) from this blog is being moved to a new domain, called Putting It All on the Table. This is my new blogging home which will combine all of my food blogging, as well posts about crafts, decorating, travel, books, gardening, holidays, and more.

We’re still doing Martha Mondays (and the MM blogroll is on the new site. You can also find MM posts by using the categories selections to the left). It was time, though, for me to create a new blogging identity. As my loyal readers know, this site began as a one-year project to remake my life with Martha’s help. I blogged every single day for a full year (whew!), doing one Martha project per day. It was an incredible learning experience for me. As the years have moved on though, I’ve added much more to the site, including travels, many of my own recipes, recipes I’ve tried from elsewhere, as well as talk about my own home, family, and life. It’s not really about Martha as much as it used to be. It’s time to rename what I’m doing to fit what I’m actually blogging about.

It will still be me blogging, and I’ll still be trying out Martha’s recipes, sharing my own, and talking about many of the same things. It’s mainly just a new header and some new navigation to make things easier to find.

If you are an email subscriber to MarthaAndMe, you will now get notifications from the new site. If you get the MarthaAndMe RSS feed, you will need to sign up for the Putting It All on the Table RSS feed(right hand side of the new site). I hope you will come with me and join me as I move forward in my blogging adventures! I’ve got lots of fun things planned and I’m looking forward to spreading my wings a bit on the new blog!


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