Martha Mondays Schedule

I have a bit of a glitch here today with the biscotti recipe – my oven is broken. It’s being repaired today, so hopefully I will be able to make this and post it by the end of the day or, if not, then tomorrow.

It’s my pick for 2/28 (the last day of February – at last) and I’m choosing the NY Crumb Cake from March Living. I think I am going to make the blueberry version, but feel free to make the plain one. If you need the recipe, let me know and I’ll send it along.

Here’s the schedule following that:

3/7 SteakandPotatoKindaGurl

3/14 Megans Cookin’

3/21 I need to skip this week

3/28 Sassy Suppers

4/4 Perfecting Pru

4/11 Tiny Skillet

I need to skip 4/18 and 4/25

5/2 Sweet Almond Tree

5/9 Bizzy B. Bakes (new member!)

5/16 MarthaAndMe

If you would like to join, just let me know. All are welcome.


4 Responses to Martha Mondays Schedule

  1. I hope your oven is fixed really quickly Brette as the biscotti went down a treat at home and at work! I loved them. My results are up:

    Can you send me the recipe for next week please and let me know what a crumb cake is – never heard of that before!



  2. marthaandme says:

    A crumb cake is a type of coffee cake – a breakfast item. There’s a whole section in March Living on coffee cakes. I’ll scan it and send it to you later today.

    I hope my oven is fixed too. The fan is broken and running it without is causing the control panel to overheat. I’ve been without it since Tuesday! The part is here and the guy is coming this morning so hopefully it will be taken care of. I’ve been reduced to using the toaster oven, but there was no way I could make the biscotti in there.

  3. megan says:

    I would like the recipe too please! 🙂

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